Saturday, 25 December 2010

New Year contest ♥

Hello. I was thinking , and I will make a contest about New Year.
Here , you have to say what is your favorite thing when New Year comes and what do you do...If you have a list for good things you will make in next year ...or What do you want
You will write in a comment these things.
Note : There isn't a write or a wrong answer.Just I will pick the most creative and the most interesting of all.

Prize : 50 stardollars + an advertise for your medoll or project , blog , magazine on the slidebar
The last day to join is 1st January 2011



  1. hey i am rob408 on stardoll
    newyear means for mean that its time to do new things,every one will take a resolution to be followed in the upcoming year.the same way i too take resolution but i cant follow it properly but this year i will try my best. i could say to my parents that a will be a gud girl this year.
    i will try to change my bad characters or unwanted things i do.
    in my opinion new year is chance to make changes in our life

  2. Stardoll Name; Teenemogirl
    For the new Year!
    I Will post Everywhere 2011,i will always remember that 2011 will be better than 2010,i will say loudly in 1 january! IT;S 2011 YAAAAAAY! i will do crazy things! :]

  3. Hi! I'm bratzrule_2009 on Stardoll :)

    I love New Year because it's a time for everything to be refreshed and new! My fave thing to do would be stay up on New Years and kiss my boyfriend (if I had one) exactly at 12 o'clock, so I know I would have an awesome year :P

    Next year, in 2011, this is what I'm going to do:

    1. Get a boyfriend
    2. Make as many new friends on Stardoll as possible
    3. Take up a hobby. Maybe bungee jumping? lol jks something like cooking or running :)
    4. Be nice to my sister (if that's even possible lol! She is incredibly annoying) :P
    5. Start a blog! About Stardoll, obviously XD

    And most of all, PARTAAAAAAY! :D

  4. Hello :) I am sa...gataki!
    When it comes for New Year I am with my family + friends parting till the morning ;] The best day of the year I guess!!!

    Hm.. Tihngs to do?
    1. Read a lot to enter the university this year
    2. Enjoy a lot with my friends
    3. buy lots of make up ( is my passion )
    4. Last but not least.. I wish for Health, Love, Joy, happiness, Peace, Friendship etc etc :)


  5. Hi.
    The New Year Day is one of the most special days in everyone's life. In that day, you feel like every stupid thing that bothered you can be left behind, every wish you want can come true.
    All you have to do is to start it over, and dream of a better year. Who knows, maybe it will come true.!

    i wish I could lay on snow with all of my friends, and watch the fireworks.(:
    That would be one of the most incredible moments in my life.

    I wish everyone a great year, with hope in souls, and love in their hearts!
    We can make it be magic...!


  6. My name on Stardoll is Ezzaiskool
    I love New Years because its an opportunity to see my family who I never get to see. I also love it because its time to make a list of resolutions which I won't even end up going through with because, well to be honest, I'm just lazy. If I was to make a list, it would probably only contain two things:
    1. To be active in school and after school activities.
    2. To help out my mum around the house

  7. Hey,
    I'm nukuke13 on Stardoll.
    The new year is wonderful, be sure to include Estonia in other countries allow fireworks (:
    It is also nice to watch and I like to let the fireworks;)
    This is a time when our family to come together and it's like a tradition, New Year's wishes and we smelt tin
    This is a great time! :)
    I make my own list as well, then it would be like this:
    1) would change mine grades
    2) I hope I pass exams
    3) get new friends
    4) to be happy
    And I hope that all had a good New Year's Day :)


  8. Hey ♥ [It's me,Roxxas]
    Well here's my Wishlist for 2011;
    - I want to write more GB cmt's to ALL my friends.
    - Have more fun in my life (every Day could be the last day)
    - Feel better and more confident,when I speak...
    - To learn more English (I only speak english in english lessons at school :P)
    - Make more Graphics for my followers (Blogger)
    - Be more active in helping my mom (Lol she hates,that I'm not helping her^^)
    - I want to read more books about Fashion
    - I want to save my money,but I can't. I always save it,but when I've got money,I buys me things^^ (RR I want my Camera--> in German it's ''Spiegelreflex'')
    - To change my style (brave --> Punk or Hardcore :P)
    - ...
    I've got soo many alternatives!!
    So Happy Hannukah (russian accent) xDD
    And a happy new Year!

  9. Hello :]
    I'm daisy-croatia on Stardoll

    What I love about New Year is the fireworks, being with my friends and having fun. Who knows, maybe I will meet someone new and that person might become my new best friend ;]

    My 2011 wish list:
    • cut my hair from long to short
    • draw more fashion sketches
    • have better success in school
    • chat/go out with my friends more
    • make 4 issues of Passion Magazine
    • meet other people
    • tell him I like him
    • buy new makeup