Wednesday, 30 June 2010

PPQ tomorow in stores

So , i asked Stardoll's twitter when PPQ will be in stores : (look to those photos)
My question. And look stardoll's answer :So , tomorow , will be PPQ in stores (I think they will relase it in the evening..or in the morning).So save your stardollars if you like PPQ clothes and tomorow GO & BUY .
:) I'm excited.
But you ? You want another Tribute shop ? (PPQ)

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Free BNTM Dress !

Free BNTM dress.If you are from UK just go to http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/ or click HERE
If you're not go to :
or other proxy but MUST be UK proxy !

write in the 'search bar'
Just stay there a few seconds and close , go to normal stardoll and here u are.

Spoilers..NEW tribute shop

In spoilers , today are some clothes in spoilers. They are very cool. So i think they will be the next trubute shop in starplaza.

I think they are PPQ (by Percy Parker and Amy Molyneaux)
I'm so excited. I hope the prices will be cheap. What do u think about these clothes ? Do you like it ?

Free Milion Dollar Mates books items

Yay :)
Those voyages bags in spoilers , are now FREE.http://www.milliondollarmatesbooks.co.uk/stardoll?u=k

where is writed "k" you need to post your user id.
And there u are. Roll the page down and complete there your name&email.

Those are the items


Today in spoilers i found two maxi dresses . I think they will be free , BNTM gifts.
And yes , these dresses are not all today's soilers but in spoilers were fotball things , and now they appeared in starplaza. (a few minutes ago) So i deccided to post only these BNTM dresses.
I like them very much , in special the white one
So..what about you ? Do you like them ?

UPDATE : the red one will be gift for this week BNTM and the white one for next week

Monday, 28 June 2010

NEW Slash.

Today , in Starplaza appeared NEW Splash items .
They're cool and cheap from other 'Splash'. I think they will be in store as soon as possible . Look in the picture , the new collection :

I like so much the leopard prints and that cut out swimmsuit . What about you ?
What do you like ?

New banner & a new writer

As you saw , i have a new banner :)
But not me , WE !
Because , our blog has a new writer :)
Her name is danycutza and she's very cute.

Here is her new banner :

Hope you like her , and our new banners :)


Hot Buys Top

Hot Buys Top now in starplaza.
Do u like it?

Something free

Shrek is giving to us another free thing:If u are from UK just go to :
For the Lollipop this:

or for the Skull this:

If not , take an UK proxy :

NOW you gave to choose ..Lollipop or Skul ? Because you can get only one :(

For the Lollipop this:

for the Skull this:

What you'll choose ?

Today's spoilers

Just voyage bags in spoliers.Look:
I think they will be FREE or something like this but they are very cute :) the pink one is the most sweetest . What do u think about them ??

YAY ! sory :(

Sory becouse i was un-active but i had some work :(
I'll try to find new writers for blog.

Ok..so soon as possible i'll post the news on the blog =]

And sry !!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Thank you !

Thank you soo much !! We have over 50 unique visitors in just 2 days .
I hope that visitors will follow the blog :)

Myspace Comments
Thanks Comments - 2.0 Myspace Layouts

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Free poster & flower

Today , i just took my shrek free things.
When i close the page and go to normal stardoll i just find this in my suite :.. look in picture
[the father's day flower in a gift and the poster in suite]
So..maybe you'll find the same too
What do you think about this ?

UPDATE : just logg in on daveproxy.co.uk , gorpoxing.com or an UK proxy and go to normal staroll to have the blue flower

Hot Buys necklace is in starplaza

Hello . Today is June 20th so it's time for a new HotBuys.
Hotbuys necklace is today out in starplaza. That's the pic for it :

But it's not very cheap becouse it costs 6 stardollars . Do you like it ? Do you gonna buy it ?
My opinion about it is : very cute but expensive

Stardoll's glitch

Today , i searched in Starplaza Bags .
And what I saw ??
A missed Channel tribute bag ... The bag is not in starplaza Channel Tribute store , but you can find it if you search 'BAGS'.
And another glitch : You know Miss Sixty old collection .. [winter collection] it's out..but if you search bags at page 4,5 or 6 you can find that bag who is from the winter collection...but only that bag is still in starplaza [not in store].
What strange things..What do you think about that??

Hot summer blowout secret gift

Today , i finished the 3rd week's money for summer blowout and i've unlocked this :
I think it's a key.
But it's strange...800 stardollars for 20 things [some clothes , ugly] and they give to you just a simple KEY ?? No..i don't think so...i think it's a hey who unlock a thing..but wich thing ??
Or a key who give to us money ..or a magic key =]]
I don't know.
What do you think about this ? What do you think...for what is the key ??

Stardoll surprises : what can these 'surprises' be ?

Today , i saw on stardoll's twitter a new thing and cool =]

A girl says :
And Stardoll answers :

So ...we will have new surprises on stardoll . I don't know what surprises but i think the first is the secret gift on the gift-o-meter.
But can you guess what surprises has stardoll for us ??
What do you think about this ?

Friday, 18 June 2010

Comming on blog :

Hello .
I have ideeas for the blog but I wait to more views [50 i think]
-new writers [there will be a comp for this]
-interviews with stardoll's popular dolls

Now i'm thinking about the writers comp..
So maybe you'll be one of them [i'll pick 2 or 3]

Some spoilers

Hello dollies :)
Some spoilers.
I'm very happy 'cuz i have my own spoilers link :)
take a look on clothes

What do you think about them ???

Free green skin and ears (shrek's)

Fee things
If u are from uk just go there : http://www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/shrek4uk/
To get them go to an UK proxy
goproxing.com or daveproxy.co.uk

write in the 'search' box http://www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/shrek4uk/
Just logg in
And click to Gingy [the candy man , it's circle with red in picture]
Wait page load , close the window [it's recomanded to wait 1 minute and after to close]
and you have it :)

N-joy !

CONTEST : Stylein Reflect Your Inner Beauty Contest What makes you Beautiful on the Inside?

Hello !I've saw a new comp on stardoll . It's about stylein . So let you express your creativity and write some nice words . Join the comp if u think you're lucky and if you think you'll win.
What do you think about this ?

Free world cup poster !!

Free world cup poster .
Just go to :
or click HERE and you'll get the free poster [you must join the 1GOAL club]

Minishop mega sale !

Hello dollies :) In minishop it's sale :

When i saw the picture i tought it may be a mini sale. But when i saw the SALE ... i was very excited . There are 8 pages in minishop , with sales .
Are you going to buy ?