Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Fashion Police

This is the fashion police. I created this to help you to dress corectly and to help you to be a real fashionista. We'll have 1 post per week but this week (with the New Year) we will have 2. I will make a regular one and one with tips how to dress and how to shine in the New Year.

Our 1st victim : Oanabianca7
Oanabianca7 is one of the most known romanian dolls. But as you can see , she has little problems with her outfits :(
The dress is very cute . And the make-up too. They fix very good.
But the gloves , the necklace , the shoes and the bag are not like that. They have a little problem in the outfit.
1. For the gloves : I recommend to you to wear red gloves. Or to not use them or cut-out gloves.
2.For the necklace : I think if you have a gala dress like that , to not use a beach necklace. To use something elegant.
3.For the shoes and bag : The shoes aren't red or black so that's not good. If you wear black cut-out gloves , you need to have black shoes. If you wear not the gloves , try something red.And for the bag I suggest you to wear red.Because that beige is the only piece in your outfit. So this don't look good.

NOTE : I looked for shoes and bags in her wardrobe , to make a new outfit and I didn't find.
Her Caution : To buy shoes of all colours , not just white and black.


  1. When she copyed me she looked pretty, but now when she didn't she looks terrible