Sunday, 21 April 2013

How to win catwalk on stardoll

Hi dollies.
On the 9th of December 2012 I had a very pleasant surprise : I won catwalk. On the next day I won the Scenery achievment and covergirl, the dream of every stardoll user.
I want to share with you a few tips that can help you rule the catwalk.
- first of all, you need to wear an outrangerous ouftit that shocks everyone and make them know they MUST vote when they see you over the stage
- you have to save yourself in your album for loads of times ( I know, this is the hardest part but only this way you can win). 
I saw a lot of girls who asked me to save them in my album, but, be careful dollies, you don't need your friends to save you in their album.You can save yourself and with this you can do a lot of savings in such a shorter time.

So... this are all my tips. If you know others you can post a comment below so you can share them with everyone.
Good luck,dollies, and may the best of you win :)!
PS: If you have won catwalk with my tips please leave a comment so everyone would know they are indeed very useful.
Have a great day,
xo xo, Botsy_pink


  1. hey if i can ask... how many time we need to wait for our doll to join the catwalk? :P

    1. ThewniLove111, there isnt a certain time, when you save your doll to your album, it will appear on SOMEONES catwalk, somwhere in the world! You have to be patient!

  2. What outfit were you wearing when you won?