Saturday, 20 April 2013

Back in bussniess !

Hi dollies.
I know that some of you knew that i shut down my blog but WE'RE BACK IN BUSSNIESS.

Stardoll has changed a lot since I haven't posted, but don't worry, I'm here to keep you all in touch with lastest stardoll news.
First of all, they relased a new collection of LE decor.
My toughts about it : the collection is pretty cool but I preffer the previous one, I enjoyed it more because it obviously fitted better into my style.
Favourite items :
-Disco stairs
-Geometric heart wall decoration

The second major change is the platinum membership. I considder that it's a total waste of money and a new way for Stardoll to get rich by their users. If you bought this membership, honestly, I pitty you. It's nothing different than royalty, ofc ,except the changing of the user-writing colour, wich is grey now instead of black.

That's all for today,
Have a nice weekend dollies,
xo xo , botsy_pink

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