Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hot Buys (?)

On some blogs , there is this photo with the January HB.

Here are the relase dates :
Hot Buys Shoes - January 11th (Rio)
Hot Buys Star Skirt - January 13th (Evil Panda)
Hot Buys Feather Pants - January 16th (Fallen Angel)
Hot Buys Earrings - January 17th (Splendid)
Hot Buys Bow Top - January 18th (Bisou)
Hot Buys Top - January 21st (Fudge)
Hot Buys Cotton Bag - January 23rd (Pretty in Pink)
Hot Buys Dress - January 25th (Rio)Hot Buys Faux Fur Hat - January 27th (Evil Panda)
Hot Buys Stud Jacket - January 29th (Fallen Angel)

(Thanks SMW)

But I don't see them yet in shops.
But you ?

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