Friday, 11 March 2011

Free dresses

So this time I don't have picc but all 3 dresses are pretty

Free blue dress
go to
goproxing.com OR slygeek.com
write stardoll.com in the proxy url bar
hit enter & log in & change the link in the proxy url bar to
hit enter & go back to ur normal suite. it will be a shopping bag.

Free Simple Satin Dress
go to
simple.co.uk/stardoll/?u= UR USER ID HERE
[to find ur USER ID go to stardoll.com/en/account/?show=settings]
at the bottom of that page, fill in the form with fake info (but be sure to type in an age older than 14!)
& press ‘Submit‘ then go back to ur suite & it will be in a bag.

Free Sequin dress
go to
copy&paste this link in the blank proy url bar
& hit GO or ENTER
log in & go back to ur suite.
it will be in a bag from SIMPLE.

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