Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Free Simple dress , Audrey skirt and necklace

1) Free Simple Dress
Follow this steps : Logg in stardoll . Go to my account => settings.
See your USER ID there.
Then copy this link :
http://www.simple.co.uk/stardoll/?u= USER>ID>HERE
And where's writed : your user id here write your user id =]
You will find this :
You need to complete them but you're not obligated to write the real things.
You can write everything it's in your mind ...like this (email) hhuuho@gyuygyug.bgy
Or something like this :)

2) Free audrey skirt and necklace
Go to a polish proxy like : proxyhideout.com
Write in the URL bar :
Logg in. And write a new URL adress :
It will be in your suite

Hope you like these items

1 comment:

  1. I did it and it worked, Thank you!